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COVID-19: Vulnerable youth need your support

Scared. Maybe sick. The few safe places around them closing up and shutting down. Already in vulnerable positions, COVID-19 and the subsequent shutdown have made runaway and homeless youth more vulnerable than ever to human traffickers, who can exploit their need for a safe place to stay. But so far, the COVID-19 relief legislation has left these young people behind. A bipartisan group of lawmakers says that has to change.

The urgent needs – and the reason why what has been done to date doesn’t meet them – are detailed in this letter from a bipartisan group of senators. They need your support.

Call your U.S. senators and tell them: Homeless and runaway youth need dedicated support. It’s time to pass a relief package that will keep these vulnerable young people safe and put them on a path to a better future. To get started, the Senate should pass the Emergency Family Stabilization Act (S.3923) to assist trafficking survivors and youth and families at risk for trafficking. Then follow-up your call by sending them a message.

Take Action Now

Data from the U.S. National Human Trafficking Hotline shows that being homeless or having unstable housing as a young person is a key risk factor for falling prey to traffickers. Some young people are forced by circumstances to trade sex for shelter or other necessities, or to sell sex in order to pay for a place to stay. Others are forced or duped into working in exploitative situations.

Contact your senators and tell them if they haven’t already, it’s time to join the effort to protect homeless and runaway youth from human trafficking.

In Solidarity,

Allison Grossman
Director of Public Policy and Strategic Advocacy

Helping victims of domestic violence & human trafficking move from Victims to Victories

AngelWingz Family Crisis & Intervention Center, Inc., is a partner ministry of Good Samaritan Network & Chelsea House. Angelwingz provides resources and referrals for individuals in domestic violence and human trafficking and education of these issues to the community.

It is our priority to continually establish relationships with law enforcement and other agencies in a collaborative effort to raise awareness of the resources available and draw attention to these saturating issues of violence. Statistics have proven that the highest percentage of effective tips to law enforcement and supporting agencies come from citizens in our great community. Our goal is to utilize the number one most effective tool there is . . . everyday citizens.

National Statistics 2012-2018

  • 70% of women are victims of domestic violence at some point in their lives
  • Over 70% of trafficked children, have been in foster care
  • Domestic violence is the 3rd leading cause of homelessness among families
  • 1 in 7 men is a victim of severe domestic violence at some point in his life
  • On average, 7 attempts are made to leave an abusive situation, before success
  • 10,000,000 children are exposed to domestic violence every year
  • 300,000 children are enticed into the sex trade every year
  • 3 women are killed daily by a domestic partner
  • Florida ranks #3 in reported human trafficking cases

AngelWingz works directly with victims, survivors and their families to provide a safety plan. Each safety plan is created as each individual is meticulously investigated on a case by case basis. All needs and assessment investigations are private and case sensitive.

Trusted professionals are enlisted to help in their field to assist AngelWingz in providing the victims counseling and psychological assessments. These amenities are also extended to the affected families of victims. Therapists who specialize in domestic violence and human trafficking are on hand as referrals to help victims in the specialized way that only they know how.

AngelWingz has partnered with numerous agencies in the Big Bend area. These partnerships allow for AngelWingz to provide resources for public transportation for school, work, or medical appointments, drug and alcohol recovery, and health coaching as needed. The Florida Coalition against Sexual Violence, Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Comprehensive Parenting Solutions, and The Hope House are just a few of our partnering agencies. AngelWingz will work with any group who is well intentioned and like-minded as our target audience is any of humanity caught in the perils of domestic violence and human trafficking including survivors, partners, families and friends in Leon, Jefferson, and County.

This is a wonderful community to be a part of and serve. Even here, so many lives are affected by domestic violence & human trafficking. These violations span across all races, religions, life situations and ages. We need to join hands and succeed. We can make a difference . . . together!