Good Samaritan Mentor Program

What is a GSN mentor?

A GSN mentor is a person who desires to minister to people in crisis through a carefully designed program provided by the GSN. GSN provides one-on-one spiritual mentors to people wishing to make positive changes in their lives. Upon entering a GSN program, the participant will be assigned to a mentor. The mentor will, in turn, provide spiritual guidance, accountability and weekly “how are you doing” checkups. The mentor will help the program participant navigate through life’s difficulties by providing biblically-based advice and encouragement. Mentors are instrumental in helping a mentee develop positive decision-making skills and assist in life skills training with the resources made available to them. The mentor will schedule to have one hour of personal one-on-one time with their mentee. Mentors spend quality time on with the mentee assigned and may choose to acknowledge birthdays, special holidays, etc.

The mentor will advocate for the mentee as necessary and keep the GSN Mentor Coordinator updated on the progress of the visits. The mentoring program is patterned after the Biblical instruction for the older women to teach and train the younger, as taught in Titus 2. It is suggested that mentors attend GSN advocacy meetings as often as possible to better understand the program and connect with the program participants. Mentors schedule meetings with their mentees based on convenience and practicality. A mentor may wish to hold group meetings for all the program participants. A mentor agrees to conduct themselves in a godly fashion at all times and to keep client information confidential. The residential director should be contacted if a mentor feels uncomfortable dealing with the mentee. If a mentor is unable to be available, the director will re-assign the client as needed.

How do I become a mentor?

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact us through the website contact form. Our only requirement is that a mentor be a baptized, born-again believer as defined in John 3:16 and Romans 10:9, teach Biblical truth, and have a heart to mentor those in need. The mentor must be understanding, compassionate, friendly, a confidante, and a spiritual leader.

What resources are available?

Mentors may tap into the resources made available to them through GSN. An updated list of referrals to agencies within the network will be made available. The Women and Children’s Resource Room is available to program ladies.

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