Volunteer Projects

Thank you for your interest in serving our ministry. Please review the wish list below and let us know what you are interested in helping us with. We have listed projects both big and small. Location where help is needed is noted after each listing; CH=Chelsea House, GSI=Good Samaritan Inn-Men’s Home, GSTS=Good Samaritan SUPER Thrift Store, GSN=Good Samaritan Office. Please contact us for more information.

Daily Project Needs

  • Provide lunch/dinner/refreshments for program program participants (CH, GSI)
  • Sort donations (GSTS)
  • Thrift store help (GSTS)
  • Office Support (GSN)
  • Pick up/sort food for food pantry distribution (GSTS)
  • Daily chores/cleanup (CH,GSTS)

Weekly Project Needs

  • Yard/Property Cleanup (CH)
  • Van(s) washed and detailed inside (CH)
  • Assist with food pantry distribution on Wednesdays (GSTS)
  • Community Laundry (CH)​
  • Meal (CH, GSTS)

Monthly Project Needs

  • Wash windows/screens (CH, GSTS)
  • AC air returns replaced/cleaned (CH, GSTS)
  • Test/replace batteries smoke alarms (CH)
  • Wash/Sanitize garbage cans (CH, GSTS)
  • Help with Community Outreach Chapel (call 850-556-5202 for details)

Seasonal Project Needs

  • Fall – Rake leaves in yard (CH)
  • Fall – Gather pecans, persimmons from backyard trees (CH)
  • Fall/Spring-Remove/Replace seasonal flowers/weeds, plant new flowers (CH)
  • Pressure wash storefront, house, sidewalks (CH, GSTS)
  • Remove dead branches, tree limbs from trees (CH)
  • Clean off roof, gutters (CH)
  • Clean/organize shed (CH)

Special Project Needs

  • Repair concrete floor cracks back porch (CH)
  • Replace interior windows to provide energy efficiency (CH)
  • Remodel bathroom (CH)
  • AC repair/upgrade to more energy efficient system (CH, GSTS)
  • Repair donated washer (CH)
  • Repair roof (CH)
  • Repair/stabilize gazebo (CH)
  • Landscaping to divert water away from backyard (CH)
  • Gravel driveway (CH)
  • Bathroom Remodel (CH)
  • Door locks-interior/exterior (CH)
  • Security camera system (CH)
  • Install water fountain (GSTS)
  • Remodel kitchen (CH apartment)
  • Improve ceiling lights to hallway (CH)
  • Paint rooms, walls, fencing, (GSTS, CH)
  • Paint metal lockers, add locks (CH)
  • Install laundry room doors (CH)
  • Repair street lamp (CH)
  • Stabilize front porch rails (CH)
  • Install backyard stepping stone path (CH)
  • Install gutters back porch (CH)
  • Replace broken windows (CH)
  • Remodel/Repair men’s home (GSI)

Donation Drop off Location

Good Samaritan-Chelsea House Super Thrift Store and Training Center, 2706 N Monroe Street, Tallahassee, Fl 32303, 850-297-1113 (10am-6pm, Monday-Saturday)

We gladly accept the following donation items:

  • Clothing (clean and in good condition)
  • Furniture (good condition-no rips, stains, pet hair, bugs or odor)
  • Small and large appliances (good condition and in working order)
  • Household goods, collectibles, children items
  • Musical instruments
  • Lawn mowers and equipment in working order
  • Televisions/AV equipment in good working condition
  • Vehicles, Boats, Homes
  • Food Pantry Items, Toiletries, Laundry and Cleaning Supplies, Office Supplies, Paper Products

Sorry, but we are NOT able to accept the following items: ​

  • TVs/Computer/Printers/Copiers/Small and Large Appliances not in good, working condition.
  • Furniture/Mattresses/Bedding not in good condition (dirty, mold/mildew, pet hairs, odors, non treatable stains)
  • Clothing/Linens (moldy, dirty/unlaundered, mildew, wet, pet hair, bio hazard stains)

For further information or to schedule a pick-up for large item donations, please call 850-297-1113

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